Vacuum pumps are becoming greatly useful products for enlargement of male sexual organs. People have had different ideas and concepts about vacuum pumps. But the vacuum pumps are ideally used for the elongation and enlargement of male sexual organ. vacuum pumps have been used for many years. Nowadays, they are more popular. Modern day vacuum pumps are very safe and easy to use. They actually provide pleasure because of the gentle vibrating mechanism when using them. Examples of such are hydromax 30 and bathmate types.

A vacuum pump has a cylinder that fits over the organ. There is also a pump that creates suction. The pump can be manual or motorized. A vacuum pump helps in creating a vacuum partially around the organ. This enhances blood flow in to the organ. This causes an engorged and a bigger organ. To sustain the erection, a ring is put at the base of the organ that is erect. Do it before releasing the vacuum pump. The ring restricts the flow of blood therefore the erection is maintained for long until the sexual activity is over.

Vacuum pumps have been widely used for treating impotence. The procedure of using the vacuum pump is not very complicated. However, one gets used with time. First, the body organ is pushed to the ring of the pump until the mouth of the tube is firm. The next step is to pump gently. Pumping should be done until the organ is fully erect. Pumping should be done for not more than 20 minutes to avoid damage to the penile tissues. In case you feel some pain, stop it. After the desired hardness is achieved, slip a coke ring should be put at the base of the organ. The ring should also not be worn for more than 30 minutes. Click here to check out Bathmate Direct pumps.

vacuum pumps should be handled carefully so that the organ is not injured. Pumping should be done gently. Pumping too much and too hard can cause the organ blood vessels to burst thus causing blisters to it. Vacuum pumps should be used when there is need to. Abuse of the pump can cause penile injury.

Once you experience testicular pains or any other unusual pains, the usage of the vacuum pump should be stopped immediately. Sometimes, the rim of the cylinder can cut in to your skin damaging ligaments around the organ. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Never try vacuum cleaners since they bring too much suction and discomfort.

Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9riog88G_Y for more info.


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